Business Site Policies:

  1. HomepageSeek will accept SMALL Business sites to our Spotlight Section.  A $10 fee is required.

  2. To be accepted your site must be a small business site.  Only a limited number of business sites will be accepted. Adult Sites Not Accepted.   
  3. HomepageSeek reserves the right to delete or exclude pages from the database at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all. A pro-rated refund will be given if a paid URL is removed before the entire month of Spotlight. 

  4. We reserve the right to remove or exclude any site for violation of these guidelines.
  5. All entries and site descriptions are subject to editing that we feel is appropriate.
  6. Words or phrases used to describe the pages must accurately represent their content.
  7. HomepageSeek is not responsible for entries to our database made by third parties on behalf of web page owners.
  8. The registration process is not automatic.  Those parties trying to obtain database information through frivolous actions will be prosecuted.
  9. Explicit websites are not accepted.
  10. HomepageSeek reserves the right to change its policies at any time, without notice.
  11. First come, first served.

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