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Jasion EB5 Review


These are our Jasion E-bikes, we bought two!

What I like the most is that the battery is not too heavy, and won't bog the bike down if you just want to peddle like on a regular bike.

The neighborhood around here is very hilly. I was curious to know how the battery would handle? For an adult under 200lbs, if you want, the battery can get you up the hill on battery alone. For very steep hills, it will get you up the hill while peddling to assist, without too much effort. This was the perfect blend for us so that we can still get some exercise.

The battery will last plenty of time for average riders. The battery has 3 levels: 0 is off, if you just want to peddle. 1-3 uses the battery but the top speed changes with 3 going the fastest speed. I suggest starting to peddle on zero, then select battery 1-3 when you need assistance. The battery will stop assisting if you stop peddling, unless you rev the throttle (right hand). If you hold the throttle, the bike will go without peddling (battery only).

On a straight road, it is fun to goto setting 3 and the bike will take you to 20mph. The display is great to show your mileage, speed and settings. The bike has a headlight, taillight and electronic horn. Assembly is easy and there is a video on YouTube if you need it. We found this bike to be a great value at around $550 at writing. Available in blue, black or khaki.

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